Government should stop dangerous trend of violence against politically active individuals

03 June, 2014

Zurab Chiaberashvili, a leading member of the United National Movement was attacked in the Literary Café on Abashidze Street today. Chiaberashvili, who was injured and taken to a hospital, has said that the attack was perpetrated by Rezo Tabukashvili and Gio Mgeladze and was linked with his political activities as a member of the United National Movement.

While injuring an individual is a criminal offense by itself, the problem is even more serious when politically active individuals are assaulted because of their political views. Since the election campaign is currently underway, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the people who are involved in the elections.

It should also be noted that the case of the attack of Nugzar Tsiklauri, representative of United National Movement and Member of Parliament, which occurred on 31 March, has not been solved yet. In that case too, the victim cited his political activities as the reason for the attack.

We urge the government to investigate today's incident and the 31 March assault in a prompt, effective and objective manner and to stop the dangerous trend of violence against politically active individuals by all appropriate means. We also call on politicians to demonstrate a greater sense of responsibility when commenting on the incidents of this type and to condemn violence unequivocally. 


Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia)
International Society For Fair Elections And Democracy (ISFED)
Civil Development Agency (CiDA)