Distribution of Potatoes by Rustavi City Hall - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Distribution of Potatoes by Rustavi City Hall

19 June, 2012

According to the footage of June 18, 2012 by information agency INFO 9, the Rustavi City Hall distributed a sack of potatoes to 420 vulnerable families residing in the city outskirts and Samgori village. According to the story, these vulnerable families have not received any such assistance before.

The transfer of, or the promise of a transfer of, tangible or intangible property to citizens for electoral purposes is punishable under existing legislation. The law also prescribes that any action aimed at carrying out such activities that bypass the law in this way shall be punished.

Consequently, we consider that the above activities should become the subjects of investigation by relevant bodies since these actions can influence the electorate in favor of the ruling party.

We appeal to the Chamber of Control’s Party Financing and Monitoring Service and Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia to investigate the above mentioned facts and react appropriately.

Also, since influencing voters by providing incentives of tangible and intangible properties falls under strict regulation, we address the Inter-Agency Commission under the National Security Council of Georgia to call upon the Government to restrain from carrying out one-time activities funded by State and local budgets during the pre-election period. This is because these incentives can be interpreted as part of the ruling party’s election campaign. To ensure fair and competitive electoral environment, these activities must end.