Local self-government elections 2014: TI Georgia’s statement regarding electoral processes (12:00-16:00pm) - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Local self-government elections 2014: TI Georgia’s statement regarding electoral processes (12:00-16:00pm)

15 June, 2014


At this point, Transparency International Georgia has observed approximately 20 serious and 15 less serious violations of electoral procedural throughout the country. Our observers have filed a total of 11 complaints. The number of violations is still relatively high in Martvili district. TI Georgia considers the election administration to be better prepared when compared to the 2013 presidential elections. Yet, members of the precinct electoral commissions (PECs) could be more qualified. In this regard, the electoral environment in rural areas is still a matter of concern. Furthermore - just as it happened at previous elections - party activists are still widely campaigning outside polling stations and informally recording which voters came to cast a ballot.

TI Georgia is able to report on the following violations of electoral procedures:

Broken marking identifier devices

  • Even though marking identifier devices were not operating, the voting process did not stop at polling stations #14, #15 and #18 of Martvili district. The voting process continued, as some of the voters were allowed in the polling station without being checked for markings.

Cases of procedural violations regarding the right to vote

  • At Nadzaladevi district polling station #52, ballots without signatures or stamps from a poll clerk were used for the mobile ballot box. All the ballots in the box were declared invalid.
  • At the Samgori district polling station #79, it was discovered - three hours after the opening of the polling station - that the voting process had been conducted with ballots from the polling station #117. The PEC Chair interrupted the voting process and informed the DEC of the issue. The DEC, upon consulting with the CEC, established a protocol in order to allow the voting process to continue with the ballots of the polling station #117. The poll clerks and the PEC Chair also wrote explanatory notes about the case.
  • In certain polling stations, voters were given ballots although they failed to present a proper ID. They were instead permitted to use other proofs of identity. As an example, at Krtsanisi district polling station #17, one of the commission members used a copy of his ID to vote. At Mtatsminda district polling station #15, one of the voters presented a driver's license. The Deputy head of the election commission allowed him to vote anyway.
  • The head of Khoni district polling station #3 took over the duties of the poll clerk responsible for registration and stamped the ballots by himself.

Other kinds of violations

  • At Gardabani polling station #25, only two members of the PEC were present at the polling station. Unauthorized persons were permitted to enter the polling station. Markings were not being checked. Commission members said that they were having lunch in another room.

TI Georgia will present its observations on the election day once more today, at 8pm. We will also release our final assessment of the vote at 1pm on Monday, June 16.