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What do the Batumi mayor nominees own?

06 June, 2014

As in case of the Tbilisi Mayor nominees, "Transparency International – Georgia" inquired into the property owned and shared held in various companies by the Batumi Mayor nominees. Below are the data our organization has collected on several of them.

Gocha Gugunava, "Salome Zurabishvili – Georgia's Way"

The Batumi Mayor nominee Gocha Gugunava owns 40% shares in the limited liability company GEO TRANS. Under the Registry data, the company's activities span over several economic areas, staring from the transportation services and ending with timber processing. Same activities are pursued by another limited liability company – Tamerlan LLC, whose Director until 9 July 2012 was Gocha Gugunava. According to the Registry data, Azerbaijani citizen Vagif Isaev was appointed on this position, who at the same time is the founder and 100% shareholder of Tamerlan LLC. On 7 October 2013, together with other 4 persons Gocha Gugunava has founded a not-for-profit (non-commercial) legal entity Charity Fund "Batumi", which, according to its charter, aims to assist socially disadvantaged families, support gifted youngsters, etc. In accordance with official documentation, Gocha Gugunava is currently the Fund's Director. Gugunava is also the Director and founder of another LLC – the Batumi Mayor nominee owns 40% of shares in the Adjara Poker Federation LLC. According to the official papers, the company's activities include psychological de-stress, establishment of analytical thinking and receiving certain financial profit. Gocha Gugunava also owns 20% of Adjara Distribution 2010 LLC registered on 5 February 2010. Under its charter, the LLC focuses on trade-distribution and other economic activities. As for the real property owned by Gocha Gugunava, the Registry does not possess such information.

Giorgi Diasamidze, Election Bloc "United National Movement"

The Election Bloc "United National Movement" has nominated the Batumi Sakrebulo (local council) member and the Chairman of the Sakrebulo's Health and Social Affairs Commission Giorgi Diasamidze to the office of the Batumi Mayor. Pursuant to the official property declaration submitted on 1 October 2013, Giorgi Diasamidze owns the 55 sq.m. apartment at 13 Kldiashvili Street in Batumi, while his spouse Zeinab Gvarishvili - the vehicle 1997 Toyota RAV4. The same declaration states that apart from the remuneration received from the chairmanship of the Sakrebulo Commission, Giorgi Diasamidze has received income from medical activities as well – in 2012 Diasamidze has received the salary in the amount of 9,000 GEL in the Batumi City Hospital N1. Neither Giorgi Diasamidze nor his spouse owns shares in a company or pursues entrepreneurial activities.

Giorgi Ermakov, Election Bloc "Georgian Dream"

According to the property declaration submitted on 11 February 2014, another Batumi Mayor nominee Giorgi Ermakov owns the 50 sq.m. apartment at 2 Samtredia Street in Tbilisi, and his mother Liana Meladze owns the 95 sq.m. apartment on the Z.Gorgiladze Street in Batumi. In 2013, prior to acting as the Batumi Mayor, Giorgi Ermakov was the Director of the Batumi Branch of "Tegeta Motors" LLC. While serving on this position, Ermakov has received salary of over 17, 000 GEL. In 2004-2005 the Batumi Mayor nominee of the Election Bloc "Georgian Dream" was the Head of the Anti-Corruption Service of the Adjara Minister of Interior, and later the Head of the Adjara Bureau of the Environmental Inspection of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Pursuant to the property declaration, Giorgi Ermakov and his spouse do not hold shares in any of the companies.

Merab Khimshiashvili, Political Union "Unity Council"

The Batumi Mayor nominee of the 2004-founded union Unity Council, Merab Khimshiashvili currently owns the 75.21 sq.m. apartment at 50 Memed Abashidze Street in Batumi. His spouse Nino Mikeladze was the head and 100% shareholder of M. TOUR LLC registered on 18 August 2006, but according to the Registry data, 100% shareholding in this limited liability company and its governance were transferred in November 2013 to Gocha Khimshiashvili, who at the same time is the Director and 100% shareholder of MEGO LLC.

Aleksandre Tevzadze, "Non-Parliamentary Opposition (Kakha Kukava, Pikria Chikhradze)"

The Batumi Mayor nominee of "Non-Parliamentary Opposition" Aleksandre Tevzadze currently is the Director of limited liability company "Suliko", whose 100% shares belong to the Russian citizen Davit Ananiashvili. Pursuant to its charter, the LLC is focused on various commercial activities. Aleksandre Tevzadze owns the 2505 sq.m. agricultural land plot in Khelvachauri, in the territorial body of the Green Cape (cadaster code


Author: Malkhaz Chkadua