Provision of public information by self-government bodies still remains problematic in Imereti

05 February, 2019


The municipalities of Imereti fail to provide public information within the time frames established by law, and the information they provide is often incomplete.

TI Georgia often relies on information provided by municipalities when preparing studies and articles. We have faced problems in this regard on several occasions in the case of the municipalities of Imereti.

In September 2018, with the aim of monitoring the process of provision of public information, our organization requested public information from the city/town halls and city/town councils of the municipalities of the Imereti region. The information concerned staff lists, remuneration, and budget funds spent on business trips, fuel, and means of communication.

The processing of the received information has revealed the following circumstances:  

●      Out of 12 city/town halls of the municipalities of the Imereti region, only the Town Hall of Khoni failed to provide us with information;   

●      The town halls of Sachkhere and Tkibuli provided the information incompletely;

●      Out of 12 city/town halls, only the Town Hall of Tkibuli provided the information within the time frames established by law;[1]

●      The Town Council of Sachkhere also failed to provide information;

●      Out of 12 municipal councils of the region, only the Town Council of Tkibuli provided incomplete information; 

●      All the municipal councils violated the statutory time frames for the provision of information.

See detailed information in the table below:

TI Georgia calls upon the municipalities of Imereti to:

●      Provide public information in the manner and within the time frames determined by law – immediately or, in cases provided for by law, within a period of 10 days, about which they must immediately notify the applicant;  

●      Provide requested information fully and comprehensively;

●      Ensure proactive publication of public information on the official websites.

[1] The General Administrative Code of Georgia, Article 40;


Author: Transparency International Georgia