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14 July, 2015

The Coalition’s opinion about the third wave of judicial reform

  In this brief, the Coalition’s views about the draft laws related to judicial reform are presented. In our opinion, the draft laws offer preliminary solutions to a series of issues, but some of these initiatives would benefit from more development as they may threaten the independence of the judiciary if adopted.

28 April, 2014

Statement on the ongoing criminal case against Tsezar Chocheli

In September 2013 the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia has brought charges against the former Governor of the President of Georgia in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Tsezar Chocheli for fraud and money laundering. Due to high public interest towards the case, Transparency International (TI) Georgia has studied the case circumstances.

01 August, 2013

Changes to the Criminal Procedure Code: Deferred or a real reform?

The Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia is in need of various reforms. For years, the main aim of its statutes was to increase the rights of the investigative bodies and the current version of the law does not ensure equal procedure rights to the participating parties of the litigation.