elections - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო
31 May, 2010

Plans of Transparency International Georgia on Election-Day, May 30

Tbilisi, Georgia: Transparency International Georgia is monitoring the participation of individuals in preliminary detention in the 30 May 2010 Georgian local elections. The monitoring will be conducted in all facilities where, according to the Georgian Ministry of Prisons, there are persons in preliminary detention. There are five institutions of this type in Georgia: 1.

30 May, 2010

Joint Statement of the Election Media Centre NGOs on the Pre-Election Environment prior to the 30 May Local Government Election, May 29

Tbilisi, Georgia: Several thousand local and international observers will be monitoring the 30 May 2010 local elections, which highlights the importance of ensuring that the elections take place in a free and fair environment. The elections are considered to be a test of the Georgian government’s and the political spectrum’s commitment to democratic principles.

27 May, 2010

Transparency International Georgia, Association Law and Justice, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, and Georgian Young Lawyers Association Joint Press Conference on Rules for Participation of Military Servicemen in Elections, May 27

Tbilisi, Georgia – According to Article 10.10(1) of the Georgian Electoral Code, the servicemen of the Defense Ministry’s and Interior Ministry’s military (paramilitary) forces and units are to participate both in the proportional and the majoritarian vote in the local elections if by the Election Day they are permanently deployed at one place for a year or more.

14 May, 2010

United National Movement Majoritarian Candidates Involved in Distribution of State Gifts, Press Release, May 14

On 9 May, in the Shukhuta and Chochkhati villages of Lanchkhuti District, as well as the Akhalkalaki village of Kaspi District, United National Movement candidates presented World War Two veterans with medals dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany signed by the Georgian president and a one-off cash benefit of 50 lari (the Georgian government order No 291 of 10 March 2010

11 May, 2010

Press Release on Pre-Election Monitoring, May 11

Tbilisi, Georgia – Transparency International Georgia today published the second interim report on monitoring the misuse of administrative resources for election campaign. The report covers the period of time between 15 March and 5 May 2010 and focuses on the four main types of misuse of administrative resources: coercive, financial, material-technical and human.