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24 November, 2016

The Georgian Public Broadcaster refuses to pay TNS for conducting exit poll

The results of the exit poll commissioned by the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) greatly diverge from the official results published by the Central Election Commission (CEC). Even though the exit poll was jointly commissioned by the GPB and three private TV companies, this article focuses on the former, as a citizen-funded institution.

04 November, 2016

Case of alleged pressure in Zugdidi

Today, on October 29, TI Georgia has been contacted by Nana Mosidze, citizen of Georgia, who stated that she was being subjected to pressure by representatives of Georgian Dream, Rinozi Okujava and Koba Gordulava.  

28 October, 2016

Invalid Ballot Papers 2002 - 2016

During the elections while counting the votes specific amount of ballot papers are declared invalid. We are introducing the statistics of the invalid ballot papers of 2016 parliamentary elections (proportional and majoritarian as well) and the same statistics of the elections since 2002.

07 October, 2016

Live blog: 2016 parliamentary elections

  01:00 - In the village of Jikhashkari (Zugdidi region) precinct 66.67 district 79 and 108, a group of people smashed ballot boxes and raided the polling station. Also in Kutaisi, nearby the precinct 49.59 district 90, opponents physically assaulted each other.