Up to GEL 8 million has been spent on the construction/rehabilitation of the yet uncompleted ice rink in Zugdidi - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Up to GEL 8 million has been spent on the construction/rehabilitation of the yet uncompleted ice rink in Zugdidi

07 August, 2020


The process of construction of an ice rink in Zugdidi, which started in 2007, has yet to be completed. During this period, the rink was built and dismantled twice and is supposed to be built for the third time this year. The total expenses incurred have amounted to GEL 7,996,496. 

A small ice rink was first built in Zugdidi in 2007, on which GEL 1.4 million was spent, although it was dismantled in 2011 and given as a gift to the Kutaisi Municipality.

The construction of a new ice rink, this time with Olympic standards, started in 2011, and GEL 6,381,796 has been spent on its construction/rehabilitation, maintenance, and remuneration of employees since 2011.  

Despite the fact that the construction of the new ice rink was completed in 2015, it was not inaugurated until February 2019 due to various shortcomings and damage, and during this period the rink was rehabilitated twice – in 2016 and 2018.  

In July 2020, the process of dismantling of the rink got underway, on which GEL 214,700 is being spent. It became necessary to dismantle the rink after the territory on which it was located was sold by auction.

This time, the ice rink will be built in another territory – in the former Young Communist League Park, although the municipality has not yet calculated the exact cost of the construction.

At various times, the construction and rehabilitation of the ice rink was financed by both the state and local budgets.

From January 2018 up to February 2019, there existed the Division of Development of Figure Skating and Ice Hockey at the ice rink, for which 11 staff units were envisaged, although the division was not staffed, because the classes of enthusiasts of these types of sports were not formed. The division was abolished in February 2019 and the Sports School for Figure Skating was created instead of it.

In the opinion of TI Georgia, it is important that the relevant investigative bodies study the process of construction of the ice rink in Zugdidi and establish whether a crime of any type has taken place.

It is also necessary to build the ice rink with quality at least this time and to rule out inefficient spending of financial resources. After the completion of the construction works, the Zugdidi Municipality should ensure adequate maintenance of the rink.