Firearms are used to kill street dogs in Zugdidi - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Firearms are used to kill street dogs in Zugdidi

03 April, 2013


Employees of the "Zugdidi Cleaning" used firearms to kill several street dogs on March 30 in Zugdidi. The incident was eye-witnessed by citizens, one of whom has provided mobile photos to the Zugdidi Office of Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia).

"Zugdidi Cleaning" is one of the non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities of the Zugdidi Municipality, Gamgeoba.

The Director of "Zugdidi Cleaning", Nugzar Malashkhia, told TI Georgia that the decision to kill the dogs was made at the citizens' request. It turned out that the residents of buildings in the city center called for the Municipality to address the problem of street dogs. According to Malashkhia, street dogs are a threat: they are not registered, vaccinated, or subjected to other necessary procedures. The head of the "Zugdidi Cleaning" admits he too was concerned that his employees had to kill the dogs in this way, but the service does not possess any other means to neutralize the threat. There is no special institution where the dogs can be brought to, taken care of, and fed.

The Municipality Gamgeoba states that it is necessary to introduce a more humane approach towards street dogs, but due to a limited budget this is extremely difficult.

Pursuant to Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, "cruel treatment of an animal causing its death or mutilation, as well as tormenting of an animal shall be punishable by a fine or correction work up to one year. The same action committed: (a) in group; (b) numerously; (c) in front of a minor, - shall be punishable by a fine or imprisonment up to two years.

As reported by the local online edition "Live Press", in 2011 pigs were also killed in the central streets of the city in the Zugdidi Municipality by using firearms.

In view of the fact that the problem of street dogs persists not only in Zugdidi but in other Municipalities as well, TI Georgia recommends the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to develop a uniform approach for solving this problem. We believe killing the dogs in the street is the most inhumane approach. Furthermore, TI Georgia urges the local municipalities not to use firearms to kill domestic animals. Not only does this form of liquidation fail to meet any standards, but the use of firearms also jeopardizes the citizens.

Photos were sent by a citizen to the Zugdidi Office of TI Georgia.

Author: TI Georgia