Financial interests of a former Georgian MP - Jumber Izoria in Chkhorotsku - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Financial interests of a former Georgian MP - Jumber Izoria in Chkhorotsku

24 June, 2021


Transparency International Georgia continues to research the financial interests of the member of the Parliament of Georgia of 2016 conviction and a former Chief of Chkhorotsku police - Jumber Izoria.

The organization published research in 2020 and revealed that Chkhorotsku municipality N(N)LEs purchased GEL 145,966 worth of petrol and transport services using simplified procurements 17 times from Jumber Izoria’s brother, Badri Izoria.

This time we share the information on Jumber Izoria’s two business interests:

Technical inspection of vehicles

Togeni LTD is the provider of technical inspection services for vehicles in Chkhorotsku.

Togeni LTD was registered in December 2017 and 80% of its shares are owned by Jumber Izoria’s wife, Lela Vakhania, while his brother, Vepkhvia Izoria, is the owner of 20% of shares and is the Director of the company.

Togeni LTD received accreditation (license) on technical inspection of cars, minibusses, and light trucks (M1, M2, N1 categories) in June 2018. It should be noted that Togeni LTD was the only company from Chkhorotsku, which applied to the relevant agency asking for accreditation on the technical inspection of vehicles.

According to the National Accreditation Centre, Togeni LTD inspected 13,622 vehicles since June 2018.

Taking into account the cost of inspecting the vehicles by categories (M1 - GEL 60, M2 - GEL 100, N1 - GEL 60), Togeni LTD has received income of approximately GEL 836,520 from June 2018 until today .

Vehicle repair and spare parts business

The second business related to Jumber Izoria is a vehicle repair center and spare parts shop located on Kostava street, Chkhorotsku, next to Togeni LTD, which is led by an individual entrepreneur Tsabu Gogua. The fact that ties Tsabu Gogua to Izoria is that Jumber Izoria’s brother, Vepkhvia Izoria, participates in state procurements using Tsabu Gogua’s entrepreneurial status and at the same time, he is Gogua’s entrusted representative. Vepkhvia Izoria is a signatory as Tsabu Gogua’s representative in 8 out of 13 tenders won by Tsabu Gogua as well as in 36 out of 58 simplified procurements.

Gogua has won 13 tenders worth GEL 166,900 since 2012 and has received 58 simplified procurements worth GEL 91,807 in the same period. The overall sum of tenders and simplified procurements is GEL 257,987. Chkhorotsku municipality and its legal entities are the main purchasers of the company’s products and services.

It is noteworthy that Tsabu Gogua did not have competitors in 12 out of 13 tenders and received one contract on the expense of disqualifying his competitor, whose bid was smaller than the one of Gogua’s.

Transparency International Georgia calls upon the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia to study the legality of Tsabu Gogua’s participation in state procurements on the one hand and to determine transparency and rightfulness of the accreditation that was granted to Togeni LTD on vehicle technical inspection and find out the alleged corruption signs in both cases.