Akhmeta deputy governor’s wife illegally registered land - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Akhmeta deputy governor’s wife illegally registered land

21 May, 2015


Khatuna Turmanauli, wife of deputy governor of Akhmeta Municipality Vano Naskidashvili, has registered 20 agricultural land plots in Akhmeta district without the relevant ownership documentation.

Information from the Public Registry shows that only days after the the Parliamentary elections, on October 18, 2012 Turmanauli went to  the Public Registry’s Akhmeta Registry Office. Turmanuali

requested a separate registration of her ownership right for 20 agricultural land plots (total area of ​​6.5 hectares). The Public Register satisfied all 20 registration requests.

We requested the Public Registry to provide us with the documentation that served as the basis of this registration.

The reply we received from the Public Register revealed that Turmanauli’s request to register ownership was granted based on the June 28, 2012 Government Resolution #231 on the Registration of Ownership Rights for Agricultural Land Plots on Georgian Territory and Improvement of Cadastral Data. Turmanauli had not submitted any ownership documents.

Government Resolution #231 does not exempt the applicant from the obligation to submit land ownership documentation when requesting registration. The resolution simply obligated the Public Registry to register agricultural land without charging the applicants for the required cadastral drawings.

According to Article 21, Paragraph A of the Law on Public Registry, Akhmeta Registry Office ought to have stopped the registration procedure and requested Khatuna Turmanauli to present ownership documentation. Akhmeta Registry Office could proceed with the registration only after this request was satisfied. It is also unclear why the ownership document field of the Public Registry extract read ‘household book records’, when such a document did not exist.


  • There is reasonable suspicion that the wife of Akhmeta deputy governor has illegally registered ownership of abovementioned real estate.
  • Signs of illegal activity can also be identified in the decision made by the Akhmeta Registry Office to register property without the required ownership documentation.

Khatuna Turmanauli’s husband Vano Naskidashvili has worked in various positions in Akhmeta Municipality since 2002. According to the municipality’s official website, Naskidashvili served as deputy governor of Akhmeta in 2002 – 2006. In 2006 he was appointed as the governor’s assistant. After the 2006 local government elections he became a member of the Akhmeta Council and chairperson of the council’s Finance and Economic Commission. In 2008, Naskidashvili was once again appointed as the deputy governor, the position he continues to hold to this day.

Transparency International Georgia calls on the appropriate authorities to launch an inquiry into a possible violation of law based on the information provided in this statement.

Author: TI Georgia