Transparent and Accountable Political Finance in Georgia:Monitoring the Abuse of State Resources and Political Finances in 2012 Parliamentary Elections

Transparency International Georgia will monitor political finance related issues, including: the abuse of state resources (ASR) and campaign finance (CF), in particular the accuracy of officially submitted spending data during the 2012 parliamentary elections in Georgia. The project will contribute to raising awareness about the abuse of state resources in election period and to building the capacity of civil society and media to monitor political finances. The project will support equalising conditions for all election subjects by: a. reducing incumbents’ ability to misuse administrative resources, and b. increasing transparency of campaign finance.

Partnering with tem regional journalists countrywide, TI Georgia’s project will directly raise awareness among regional NGOs and journalists and involve them in nationwide monitoring. Interaction with the political parties and the government will be crucial for the project. The project’s final beneficiaries are political parties, the Central Election Commission (CEC), and generally the population of Georgia. The monitoring of abuse of state resources will cover the whole country. As of campaign finance, a special sampling will be used and monitoring will cover several big cities and smaller settlements.