14 May, 2018

Human Rights Organizations Respond to Gross Human Rights Violations during Large-Scale Special Operations on the night of May 12

The undersigned organizations respond to and express our concern over the unprecedentedly extensive special police operations conducted simultaneously in several nigh-clubs in Tbilisi on the night of May 12 and subsequent arbitrary arrests of participants of spontaneous gatherings in the streets of Tbilisi, as well as acts of interference with the freedom of assembly and degrading treatment.

16 April, 2018

Statement by Non-Governmental Organizations on the Case of Salome Tatishvili

We, the undersigned organizations, make this statement in response to the case of Salome Tatishvili who was killed on a ski run in Gudauri on 10 January 2016. As it is commonly known, Salome Tatishvili, 12, was descending the ski run when a young man skiing at high speed crashed into her from behind. As a result of sustained injuries, Salome Tatishvili died on scene. Charges were brought against G. L.