Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Police represents one of the most important systems for the exercise of powers by the government. The main functions of the police are safeguarding of public safety and protection of civil order. The law enforcement agencies are given broad authority by legislation to fulfil those functions, which creates the risk of misuse of power.

A Brief Assessment of the Draft Constitutional Amendments by Commission member NGOs


The State Constitutional Commission, which was established on December 15, 2016, will hold a final session at the end of the week. The NGOs in the Commission would like to briefly review the constitutional amendments proposed so far.

Unsuccessful public procurements


TI Georgia has studied the planning and organization of procurements by public agencies and the share of unsuccessful procurements within the total procurements. For this purpose, we reviewed public procurements that were terminated, failed to take place,   and ended with a negative result.  

Election Campaign Finances in Georgia: 2016 Parliamentary Elections


Study of the period from June 8 to November 16, 2016 revealed the following main findings:



Recommendations of Transparency International Georgia regarding the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2017-2018


Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has submitted its recommendations regarding the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2017-2018 to the Permanent Parliamentary Council on Open and Transparent Governance.