Title Publication Type
TI Georgia Annual Report 2016 Annual Report
Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Report
A Brief Assessment of the Draft Constitutional Amendments by Commission member NGOs General Announcement
Package of legislative amendments Against Pro-Russian Anti-State Propaganda Press Release
The Coalition Calls on the Government to Start Substantial Reforms in the Court System General Announcement
Opinion about Constitutional Amendments Relating to the Electoral System General Announcement
Assessment of Public Broadcaster Ajara TV and Radio Report
Statement of Non-Governmental Organizations on the Incident in Batumi General Announcement
Election Campaign Finances in Georgia: 2016 Parliamentary Elections Report
NGOs' address to the European Court General Announcement
NGOs : The decision made by the Supreme Court strengthens the doubts concerning the interference of the government in the court decision making process General Announcement
Opinion of Transparency International Georgia on Rustavi 2 Case General Announcement
New legislation regulating secret surveillance violates Georgian Constitution General Announcement
Statement regarding information about participation of a judge reviewing the case of Rustavi 2 in corrupt deals and alleged pressure on two judges of the Supreme Court General Announcement
Statement of the 'This Affects You Too' campaign regarding the new draft law on secret surveillance General Announcement
Suspension of programs on the Public Broadcaster contradicts the law General Announcement
Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia expresses its deep gratitude towards European Union for providing visa-free travel for Georgia General Announcement
Campaign This Affects You about the Initiative on Secret Investigative Activities General Announcement
Coalition Calls on Parliament to Consider President’s Objections in Relation to the “Third Wave” Judicial Reform Bill General Announcement
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary Responds to the Council of Europe Committee Decision Rejecting the Strasburg Judicial Candidates General Announcement
Nomination of Manana Kobakhidze as a Constitutional Court judge undermines the court’s reputation General Announcement
Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia - Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations must be constitutionally guaranteed General Announcement
Open Parliament Action Plan 2015-2016 Second Monitoring Report Report
The statement of nongovernmental organizations on the incident in village of Duisi General Announcement
“Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia’s” statement on Georgian government’s decision to make a new contract with Gazprom General Announcement