Ministry of Health needs to explain why Global Alliance was selected to reform Georgia's healthcare


In the spring of 2015, the Georgian government announced its decision to make substantial adjustments to the universal healthcare program, and take other important steps to develop the national healthcare system.

Women in self-government: Gender balance in the municipalities of Western Georgia


In June and July 2014 Georgians elected their municipal council (sakrebulo) members in 71 districts, mayors in 12 self-governing cities and municipal ‘governors’ (gamgebeli) in 59 districts.

Ministries spend more than a million on advertising


From January to May of 2015 Georgian Ministries and their subordinate Legal Entities of Public Law (LEPL) have spent more than GEL 1 million on the production and airing of advertising videos on various TV stations. GEL 199,521 was spent on production and GEL 902,559 on airing.

Who the Anaklia Port construction permit will be granted to?


Construction of a new port has been considered in recent years in Georgia in the village of Anaklia of Zugdidi Municipality.

Assessment of the Ministry of Interior reform


On 8 July 2015 the Parliament of Georgia passed at the third hearing the draft Law “on the State Security Service” and amendments to its accompanying draft laws.[1]