The reform of the public service is significantly stalled


On 24 October 2015, the Georgian Parliament adopted the new Law on Public Service. The entry into power of the law was set to 1 January 2017, however due to the current situation, it will be practically impossible for the law to come into power in two weeks. This will significantly damage the continuity and process of reform in the public service.

Draft laws appropriate to be considered by the Parliamentof the 9th convocation


Transparency International Georgia hereby presents assessment of the draft laws, which couldn’t be finalized in the parliament of the 8th convocation. Therefore, it is reasonable to proceed with the process in the Parliament of the 9th convocation.

Assessment of the 2016 Parliamentary runoff elections


Transparency International Georgia monitored the 30 October Parliamentary runoff elections with 250 observers. Our organization’s stationary observers were allocated to 197 polling stations. Moreover, 28 mobile groups monitored the process of the elections.

Statement on the current election process (12:00-19:30)


At this point, from our observation, we can say that the 2016 runoff elections is going peacefully. By this time, our observers have reported 50 insignificant and relatively serious violations. We have filed 9 complaints.