Planned Changes on Channel One May Violate Law

01 August, 2017

Transparency International Georgia received a confirmation by the Public Broadcaster management that the new television season may be launched from January 2018. This time, the management notes that the launch of the television season was delayed bec

The GNCC with prospects of vague employment policy

11 July, 2017

The GNCC with prospects of vague employment policy On June 30, the Parliament passed the draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Georgia on National Regulatory Bodies in an accelerated manner, which makes the employment policy in the Georgian National

Corruption risks at the United Water Supply Company

03 July, 2017

Transparency International Georgia continues to explore the degree of transparency and accountability in state-owned enterprises.Based on the report released in December 2016, relative to best international models, the Georgian legislation is deficie

Incomplete asset declarations of members of the GNCC

21 June, 2017

Most of the members of the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) have failed to provide a full list of companies owned by them and their family members in their asset declarations.    Kakha Bekauri was elected the Chairman